Under The Hood
Wondering about all fine print type stuff about My Revenge Cat and Carl? You've come to the right place. Let's start with contract addresses: $LOVE Token: 0xc976E89be23C30AF48C5B9a6Eac43E0055FF0bAc
Dev Reward: 20% of all collected BNB
BNB Rewards: 3% of all collected BNB (1 $LOVE Token + NFT ownership required to claim)
CAKE Rewards: 77% of all collected BNB sold to CAKE which farms in a vault. (1 $LOVE Token + NFT ownership required to claim)
Caretaker NFT Max Supply: 10,000 My Revenge NFTs.
CATNIP Emissions: 1 Per Block
Dev Emissions: 7%
Catnip Pool Emissions: 2%


While Carl has not been professionally audited, I did have him peer reviewed by a trusted person that offered recommendations and bug fixes throughout development. I trust them with my own money.
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