My Revenge Cat
Ah yes, the most important part of the game. You monster.
Each time you interact with Carl, you'll gain a $LOVE token. LOVE is an ERC20 token and can be added to your wallet. $LOVE is required to gain rewards from Carl. The rewards are as follows.

NFT Rewards

By burning 10 $LOVE tokens you can mint a limited, exclusive (and neccessary) NFT. There are only 10,000 that can ever be minted. This means 10,000 maximum Caretakers can benefit from caring for Carl. Note: Caretakers can mint additional NFTs.
Carl's NFT. Please don't laugh, he's very sensitive.
This NFT is very important as it allows you to further interact with the Rewards system.

BNB Rewards

Carl is a nice guy. He allows good Caretakers to claim some of the BNB that he collects from his interactions. 3% of all accumulated BNB from interactions is up for grabs to the first one that claims it.
But be warned, you will need to burn 1 $LOVE token AND possess Carl's NFT. Be sure that it outweighs the cost of gas to claim it. Doing this is good for the system, as it allows Carl's stash to move into his CAKE vault.

CAKE Rewards

Carl is smart. Carl buys CAKE with his spare BNB. He then does what any reasonable Revenge Cat does, and puts it into a CAKE vault to earn more CAKE. This is all of the accumulated CAKE from all caretakers's contributions. Any Caretaker may burn 1 $LOVE token to harvest the rewards from Carl's CAKE vault. Yes, all of the rewards. It's up for grabs at any time. However, you must also own Carl's NFT. Over time, this will become EXTREMELY lucrative. However, if Carl dies, the CAKE is lost forever, and nobody can claim the yields. Please understand.