Keeping Carl Happy
Carl is a benevolent Revenge Cat. He just wants to give you $LOVE. Just don't let him near the knives.
Carl has 4 attributes: Hunger: Carl needs to eat. If you find him when he's especially hungry, he might be angrily staring at you with an empty bowl. Watch the claws and feed him ASAP!
Boredom: Cats need play. Find some yarn and toss it to him, he'll go nuts! Laser pointers work too, but don't point them at anyone; he goes for the eyes! Sleepiness: Eventually all cats need to rest. Who am I kidding? That's the majority of the time. Carl however needs a cuddle buddy every now and then. Just don't touch the tail.
Cleanliness: Carl gets dirty during his days seeking revenge. He'll need brushing and bathing. Warning: Do not get in the bath with Carl without a full suit of armor.
Each time a caretaker interacts with Carl, it will cost 0.015 BNB and he will gain 25 of that attribute. Some activities decrease others slightly, so do be careful if he's dangerously low on multiple.
If any given attribute is above 75, you won't be able to interact with him in that way. The display will remove the ability for you to click the corresponding button. Don't worry, his lust for interaction returns once that attribute reaches 75 again. But be quick! There are many other caretakers competing for his $LOVE!
Carl is ready for play. Watch the claws!
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