My Revenge Cat
Intro to My Revenge Cat
Collaborative caretaking on Binance Smart Chain
My Revenge Cat is a global, collaborative game where you respond to the needs of Carl, a Revenge Cat. You'll need to feed, play, clean, or cuddle with him in order to keep him happy.
Look at how happy he is. For now.
Carl is a benevolent Revenge Cat. He rewards each caretaker with a $LOVE token each time they interact with him. Each of these $LOVE tokens are important. Hold them close, as he doesn't give them out often.

Game Objectives

In My Revenge Cat, you'll spend 0.015 BNB to interact with Carl according to his needs. These are displayed as numbers and progress bars on his website. You'll need to connect your MetaMask to Binance Smart chain to see him. Over time, Carl loses some of his stats. He becomes hungry, bored, sleepy, and dirty. Each time you interact, Carl will recover (and lose) some of his stats. These stats are indicated on a scale of 1-100 and have corresponding colors according to the severity of his need.
Interacting with Carl has many perks - to include earning CAKE, BNB, and NFTs! You'll want to keep him alive. Mainly because of how cute he is; however, if he dies, caretakers will no longer be able to acquire $LOVE Tokens, a key currency needed to earn rewards. If any of his stats reaches zero, Carl will die. Please don't let this occur. Must protecc.
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